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The Carl Picton Cartel’s music is rooted in the traditions of songwriting, the celebration of storytelling through music. The songs travel through the pure spiritual energy of the blues to the thumbnail sketch of a Ray Davies classic, on through the righteous protest of a youthful Dylan to the euphoric release of a club anthem. Rhythm ‘n’ Folk does a decent job of describing the sound The Cartel are making right now.

Carl Picton has been busy writing and playing songs in London, Glasgow, Berlin and beyond for years. Now, in London, The Carl Picton Cartel has arrived, a six-piece bringing an exhilarating roar of energy to the songs, a group of top-class musicians that is getting seriously noticed on the live music scene.

The rhythm section of Jon Bongly and Tim Clarke lays down the foundations. Jon’s top percussive skills and Tim’s honed bass playing talents blend beautifully, demanding the rest of The Cartel rise to the challenge. Hubert Spall and Bill Crow do just that, adding the lines that entwine on searing sax and trumpet, providing the swirling cream on the top of a very fresh cup of coffee indeed. For good measure Bill adds his heartfelt piano, filling the cup almost to the rim. And then, to top it all off, the exquisite harmonies of Nicola Rose add one last smack of the lips to the creation, shimmering on the top like a shining summer haze...

It really is time to taste what The Cartel has to offer.

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